Marine Tax

Marine tax

Who are Seatax Marine Accountants?

Seatax was launched in response to a gap in the market providing yacht crew tax advice, uk income tax returns preparation and mortgage products to seafarers working on super yachts.

We pride ourselves in helping offshore yacht crew have the same onshore capabilities to those that are land based have, taking the complication and confusion out of the equation. Our expert staff will advise and guide you on how to make the most of your tax affairs, help with financial information and personal data, and provide services and advice to assist with your income tax.

Tax Reduction for Seafarers


If you’re a UK tax resident employed aboard a ship operating outside of British waters, you may be eligible for a huge reduction in tax liability known as Seafarers Earnings Deduction .

To make a valid claim, there’s are a few criteria you need to fulfil that could save you potentially thousands in income tax that you’re not obliged to pay. 

If you’re an employee working at sea outside of the UK check if you can claim tax relief on your earnings.

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Marine Tax

How do I get Seafarers Earnings Deduction?

Records you’ll need to keep How to claim Seafarers’ Earnings Deduction Request an NT tax code Time limits.

If you were a seafarer who wasn’t resident in the UK or an EEA State Further help If you’re an employee and work at sea, you may be able to reduce your tax bill by getting the Seafarers’ Earnings Deduction.

To get the deduction you must have: 
  • worked on a ship 
  • worked outside of the UK long enough to qualify for the deduction – usually a minimum of 365 days
  • been resident in the UK or resident for tax purposes in a European Economic Area ( ) State (other than the UK) You can’t get the deduction if you were: 
  • a Crown employee (for example, a Royal Navy sailor) 
  • not a UK resident 

The rules and regulations relating to the taxation of seafarers have become more complex with time. Questions which were not applicable years ago are now at the forefront of the seafarer’s mind.


For example: 

1. Is the vessel I am serving on regarded as a ship for 100% claim purposes? 

2. Do I need to enter a foreign port? 

3. When is the ship regarded as being outside the UK? 

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