Tax Advice For Seafarers

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Tax Advisory/Preparation Service.

Including advice and completion on all H M Revenue & Customs forms which you may receive including Self-Assessment. There may be additional charges for involved cases.

Basically what happens is, on enrolment with Seatax, you authorise us to act on your behalf with regard to all income tax matters. This authority is sent to the appropriate section at the H M Revenue & Customs and from that time onward, all correspondence regarding your income tax affairs should be directed through Seatax. We complete your Self-Assessment forms; also if the self-assessment we entered is picked out for an investigation, during your period of enrolment, we will deal with this for you.

In short, we wish to relieve you of all the delays and inconvenience that is usually involved when Seamen deal direct with the H M Revenue & Customs. Another feature of our service is that for all new clients we can if required check back up to four complete income tax years to ensure that you have received your correct allowances over that term. The standard fee will apply for any tax year were a Self-Assessment Tax Return needs to be completed.

Seatax also offers a full service to those who are employed by Foreign Companies. Despite the fact that your salary is paid tax-free, this does not mean that tax liability does not arise on your earnings. We can give you all the advice that you need in order to eliminate your tax liability and if you are unable to spend sufficient time outside the UK in order to do this, we can ensure that you only pay that amount of income tax to which you are strictly liable.

Our fees for the above Service are as follows

Our Fees are £275 including VAT

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